Communities and Local Government (CLG)

Fortismere Associates consultants have contributed to a number of Communities and Local Government (CLG) research projects:

• An overview of the evaluation of planning standards authorities 2003/04, January 2005

• An overview of the evaluation of planning standards authorities 2004/05, September 2005

• Benchmarking the costs to applicants of submitting a planning application, July 2009

• Evaluation of Planning Delivery Grant 2005/06, 2006

• Private Sector Perspective on Development Control in the context of Planning Delivery Grant 2005/06, September 2006

• Best practice guidance on the validation of planning applications, March 2005

• The validation of planning applications: guidance for local planning authorities, December 2007

• The Killian Pretty Review, November 2008

• A quality local Development Management Service, September 2010

• Research on the costs and benefits of environmental impact assessment, April 2010

Planning Advisory Service (PAS)

We have also been involved in the following Planning Advisory Service (PAS) projects:

• Delivering a common spatial vision, 2008

• Development management guidance and discussion document, June 2008

• A benchmark for the spatial planning function, 2009

• Monitoring that matters: towards a better AMR, April 2011

Welsh Government

Together with Arup, Fortismere Associates has been appointed by the Welsh Government to undertake research for several reviews. In 2013 we completed:

Research into the Review of the Planning Enforcement System

Evaluation of the planning permission process for housing


Study into the Operation of Planning Committees