As well as bringing long term benefits to a neighourhood, good design quality has the potential to add value to a particular development.

Fortismere Associates can support local authorities in evaluating the design quality of development proposals – and in negotiating the best possible scheme.

If a local authority is to take a tough stand in negotiations with developers on design issues, strong analytical and persuasive skills are needed. These are often difficult for local authorities to resource in house. Fortismere Associates can fill that gap.

We can provide design advice and support for developments of all types and scales, in all parts of the country. We adapt the scope of our work to respond to:

major applications: we can offer design and conservation advice from pre-application consultations through to planning approval and, where necessary, give evidence at public inquiry

small applications: we can set up surgeries for local authority case officers, helping them to assess the design quality of up to 10 schemes in a day

local design review: the National Planning Policy Framework states that: ‘Local planning authorities should have local design review arrangements in place to provide assessment and support to ensure high standards of design’.

We can help local authorities and developers to set up new design review panels or reinvigorate existing panels.

We can also provide continuing project management support, as well as training and mentoring for in house staff.