Neighbourhood plans

Making it easier for people to get involved in planning for their local area is at the heart of the National Planning Policy Framework and Localism Act.

There are several ways in which we can help support the development of neighbourhood plans:

• community briefings/support to neighbourhood forums and parish councils:

an introduction describing
  • how the planning system works
  • how people can influence the shape of their physical environment and the planning tools available
  • what support is available
  • how to get others involved
  • how to develop a vision/objectives

• support for community-led plans:

bespoke support for communities wanting to take the initiative on development to meet their needs, for example:
  • redevelopment of a community asset
  • establishment of a free school
  • provision of community housing
  • drafting a full neighbourhood plan

• consultation on planning policy:
  • facilitated workshops to raise awareness of proposed policies, to explore the likely effect on future development proposals, and to assess policies against local objectives and needs
  • help, as a critical friend, with responses to consultation on draft policies or a health check of the draft plan

• engagement with development proposals:
  • facilitated workshops providing clear, impartial explanations of development proposals, drawing on best practice examples and the strengths and weaknesses of similar schemes
  • moderated discussion to help frame responses after submission of a planning application