Planning Advisory Service (PAS) - Neighbourhood planning support

Neighbourhood planning support for officers

Since 2013 – and continuing into 2015 – Fortismere Associates, with Arup, has helped to deliver and facilitate a series of workshops for local authority officers. These workshops give local authority officers the opportunity to discuss issues and share practices that support effective neighbourhood planning.

In addition, we have developed briefing notes and tools for the Planning Advisory Service to help local authorities to provide advice and support the development of neighbourhood plans. These include:

neighbourhood area and forum designations – current practice
the role of local planning authorities in providing advice or assistance to those preparing neighbourhood plans
notes on issues from emerging plans – some cases studies
neighbourhood plans – advice on what evidence is required
examination of neighbourhood development plans – the local planning authority’s role
referendum of neighbourhood development plans – the local planning authority’s role
local authority/neighbourhood agreements including a model service level agreement
neighbourhood plan project management tool to support the development of a project plan

We have also developed a neighbourhood planning legal compliance checklist. This is helping local authorities to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to comply with relevant legislation and regulations as neighbourhood plans are drawn up.

Also helpful are the neighbourhood planning frequently asked questions which we have recently updated for the PAS website.