Support for Local Plans

Fortismere Associates has been asked by several local authorities to provide support for the development of their respective Local Plans including:

• Barnsley MBC
In 2013 we worked with colleagues in Arup to support the programming and delivery of work on sites, green belt review, and policy review of the Core Strategy for a combined local plan. Our main role was as a critical friend regarding the programme and tactical approach to the review.

• Cheshire East Council
Throughout 2015 and in early 2016 we have supported Cheshire East Council as a Strategic Adviser and critical friend to the Local Plan Task Force set up to oversee the work programme and technical outputs during the suspension of the examination of their Local Plan Strategy.

• Hart District Council

In 2014 we contributed to the sustainability appraisal of Hart District Council’s Local Plan.

• Havant District Council

Similarly, we helped Havant District Council in 2013 to undertake a sustainability appraisal of its Local Plan.

• Horsham Council

In 2013 we provided support to Horsham Council’s spatial planning team.

• Selby District Council
We worked with officers in Selby DC to consider the most suitable evidence base for their Local Plan. Late, in 2015 we worked with colleagues in Arup to support the development of site selection methodologies. In addition, we designed and ran workshops to support Parish Councillors in consideration of development in Designated Service Villages – engaging them in the plan making process.

• Waverley Borough Council

In September 2014 Fortismere Associates facilitated a workshop on a strategic approach to Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan. This brought together delegates from other local authorities and bodies. It formed part of a wider consultation for the development of the Local Plan. Those attending had the opportunity to consider strategic cross boundary issues, including the Duty to Cooperate, and to begin a discussion on how these might best be taken forward.